Tell me about the 5/16" BSC fork blade lamp boss


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Was it only a UK thing, or did other countries have one on the LH fork blade instead? Who started the standard? Why did it die out? Does it have a brand name?

A couple of my bikes have these bosses, which were still fitted up to the 1980s. I have aluminium brackets (hard to find - nearly all are chromed steel) fitted to them to plug the hole. I don't normally hang a lamp from them. I have an Ever Ready Nightrider converted to LED but grey plastic doesn't enhance any vintage bike. The Pifco or earlier Ever Ready lamps look better but they take a twin-cell battery that hasn't been made for many years, and adaptors for D cells are rare.


Other countries have them, sometimes doubling as a dynamo mount.

I seem to think I have seen mounts on the left side on much older bikes, maybe to illuminate the kerb?
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