Tempting fate on Wednesday evening...

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Cycling home, last little bit from the allotment is on a shared use path/cycle route. Absolutely lashing it down. The path goes under a house/flat thing, and as it was tipping it down there was a lass sheltering under it on her bike. She'd been there a while, she was dry and it had been raining hard for a good ten minutes or so.

Smiled at her (as you do) and said "Go on, a bit of rain never hurt anyone", and cycled past. At that moment there was a bright flash and a bang... Don't know quite where the lightning struck but it can't have been far away.

That'll teach me to say such a smartarse thing. Would have been tremendous last words though :ohmy:


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Deal, Kent
It may have been him upstairs!

you know the big man.


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Only if it had made him 'sheet' himself
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