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Tender on outer kneecap area

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by RickB, 8 Jan 2017.

  1. bobinski

    bobinski Guru

    Tulse Hill
    Yep, internal power meter and by all accounts pretty accurate.
    That's excellent Rick. I would be very happy if I can get my ftp up to 296. It's more or less there if I free ride Watopia 8 and use the climb but not on the flat using ftp test where it's 274. I just need to shift a stubborn 3-5 kilos and keep current power and may get there.
  2. OP

    RickB professional procrastinator

    Norn Iron
    Sounds like a good piece of kit! just had a wee read about them there. :addict:

    I think getting the power down on the flat is something I've had to improve on over the past while as Bkool had me conditioned to grind out climbs and then over exaggerated my power on flats. The power meters a great tool indoors and out. Really pleased I bought one.
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