Terrible news, Richard Moore RIP

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Just seen the post from The Cycling Podcast with the awful news that Richard Moore passed away on Monday.



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I'm speechless. It's awful.

I only discovered TCP last year and love it so much. Richard's warmth and gentleness is evident throughout. I only finished an episode last night and can't quite fathom he won't be in this week's 'feminin' episode that I was looking forward to. It's unreal.

The thing with good podcasts is that you feel like you know the hosts. If I feel like I've lost a friend, I can only imagine how awful this is for his actual friends and his family. What a loss.


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Probably you've all heard it, but for completeness: The Cycling Podcast: S10 Ep21: Our friend, Richard Moore
View: https://audioboom.com/posts/8066922
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