Thank God For The BBC and The Licence Fee.

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Just watched the Night Stalker on ITV. A great program well acted and with a disturbing subject sensitively handled.

Completely ruined by the countless, never ending ad breaks. I know the commercial stations have to fund themselves, but at least a third of the hour was lost to advertisers. I'm going to record the next episodes, I reckon it will take no more than 40 minutes each one.


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Not sure why I bother paying themlicence fee as I don't watch the beeb. When its due for renewal I may not bother.


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Cue for some BBC bashing? I hope not. One of my pet hates, relentless crass advertising. Particularly the gambling industry, the car insurance racket (No, I don't want a blasted stuffed meerkat, just give us some good value insurance). Did somebody say Just Eat? No! Bugger off!
Absence of advertising isn't the BBC's main strong point, but it's a bonus. I'm one of those who do have a TV and a licence and also think it's well worth the money.


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Once this man called Barry Scott shouted at me on TV some years ago to buy Cillet Bang to clean all me pennies up. Do you know what? It worked!

Thanks Barry (or whatever your real name is)...
It provides a lot of value and I wish it does carry on. Just that every now and then you see what they are paying out in terms of salaries it is similar to NHS big cats. A lot of justification, transparency and accountability for Administration and Management roles and their remuneration must be had. I was floored for what they paid for the part-time diversity person.
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We just have catch up TV here, we don’t watch iplayer or live TV so cancelled the TV tax about 5 years ago now.

Haven’t missed it in the slightest, always something to watch and no adverts.

Went to stay overnight in a hotel recently and saw live channels for the first time in over a year, happy to say we still are not missing much!
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