Thank you "General Cycling"


Norven Mankey
Buying bike stuff can be a bit of a minefield so I just wanted to express my thanks to this subforum for guiding me on a few purchases recently. I needed a new pump, a multitool and some overshoes.

A quick search revealed these as quite popular here:

Topeak Roadmorph pump
Topeak Hexus II multitool
DHB Extreme Weather overshoes

Had the chance to try these out, great bits of kit. The pump is a revelation. My previous minipump could get to about 70psi but that was about it. Roadmorph got me 110psi no problem this weekend. Multitool is great, chainbreaker means I can get rid of my knackered old breaker. Overshoes....great bit of kit. I wouldn't say my feet were warm, but certainly not cold, even in zero degrees, wet conditions

Without this forum I'd have bought the wrong stuff, so thanks again

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I think that your one of many that has that feeling about this forum 'nickyboy', I know I do. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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