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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by bobpay, 12 Apr 2010.

  1. bobpay

    bobpay New Member

    Thanks to everyone on Sunday, that was the first time I have been on my bike in over twelve months, my legs gave way a little towards the end and I'm a little saddle sore, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the countryside we went through.
    Thank You all once again, Paul really enjoyed himself and he’s getting near to full fitness, dare I say another couple of rides under his belt and he’ll be competing with the best of them.
    So to all I managed to speak with on Sunday

    • John or Rammylad.
    • Ian who tagged on at Mitton.
    • Colin,
    • The two Girls sorry I didn’t catch your names
    • And everyone else who was on the ride.

    Thanks for a great day out.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. colly

    colly Re member eR

    Hi bobpay,


    That sounds like Colin's ride out from Hebden Bridge last weekend. Were you at Whalley?

    If you were I'm sorry I didn't get to say hello, there were a few new faces and I know I didn't speak to everyone who I'd not seen before.

    Maybe see you again on one of Colin's rides.:smile::smile:

    p.s. Trio and Ali would be the ladies present.
  3. OP

    bobpay New Member

    Yes I was on Colins ride, Were you the chap with the flat hat? I really enjoyed the ride and I'm going to try and get out now at least 3xs a week. I may see you again sometime.
  4. colly

    colly Re member eR

    No it wasn't me in the flat hat .....I think that was Dan. aka dan bo. (black and red shirt) or frustruck

    I had on a white tee shirt on and and no hat. ;)

    Have a look at Colin's pics.
  5. bauldbairn

    bauldbairn New Member

    Hello and Welcome to CC. :smile:
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