Thanks to One and All.

So I have been riding again now for just over a month, gradually increasing the mileage and now doing twenty miles in 1hr 25. Dropped ten pounds in weight,would like to drop another sixteen if possible.
Out every chance I get and hoping before long to try getting to work on bike, 14 mile with some stiff climbs on the way home. Twelve hour shift in between journeys:sad:.
I would like to thank this site just for the entertainment and encouragement I get every time I visit,the internet has got some very good points, this site being one of the best I have found.
The stories and articles make my return to cycling even better, so thanks to one and all.
Hopefully one day everyone will find the same simple pleasure that is cycling.
BTW was going through a box of stuff the other day and found a pair of Trek mitts I bought in 1999 that I had forgotten about, still in their packaging, unworn. Bonus!


That is a seriously good result ! :wahhey: :dance: Well Done ! :bravo:

The weight loss might slow down a bit but don't be discouraged, as you'll still be doing your whole body a big power of good. :thumbsup:

With 12-hr shifts to enjoy ;) before you get to ride home, you'll need some decent lights for both commutes. If you don't have any, have a look at the Bikes, Accessories, Kit and Clothing section (and the Commuting one) to find the threads about lights - not surprisingly, it is a topic which receives quite a lot of attention around this time of year ! ^_^
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