That ***** Jamie Oliver bloke


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There he was the other night telling some poor wonman that she was obese because her BMI was high and telling her that she could knock 12 years from her life expectancy if she didn't do something about it. She was in tears saying that she only had 7 years to live!! Flicked through the channels and there he was again making some bloody great abomination filled with cream and butter and oil and cheese ... Its my blood pressure thats gonna kill me if I watch him again.... Grrr:angry:


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It's all about things in moderation - you don't have to eat the high cal stuff all the time you know....... she probably needed to do some exercise as well. Didn't see it though.


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I didnt see it, but most of the TV cooking shows really annoy me. Most of them cook stupid poncey food, and they do stupid shots of the food, trying to make it look even better. Doing close ups of the food and other things.
What i found strange was when he got that German guy to cut that dead person in half. He is scaring people to get a point across.


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Hold on a mo...he's a chef, he cooks all sorts of stuff. he's putting out a good message about the fat thing, but that doesnt mean he cant cook cream cakes's about individuals taking control of their own actions and eating accordingly....we get to choose...fat/thin...besides he isnt saying eat fatty food all the time....there is nothing wrong with what he is doing...I like the guy...he's interesting and funny...good luck to him.


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Don't know him well enough....though I do know he's more down to earth than some TV chefs.
The dishes he makes are sometimes simple but effective and he does some simple dishes with simple ingredients....not like some of the other chefs who make great food but use lots of expensive ingredients.

I didn't see the show. I did watch Jamie at Home last week though and enjoyed that.:girl:
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