Thats torn it!


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Out in the woods, blasting through the trees then rip....:biggrin:

My brand new red night vision altura jacket now sports a 2 inch rip on the arm

Any one got any recommendations for repairing it?


Fiona N

I'm not entirely sure what material the Night Vision jacket's made of but you can get Goretex repair patches for appropriate repairs on non-coated waterproof materials.

Alternatively, there's heat-activated seam sealing tape which is my preferred repair material for many synthetic shells. The problem is that if you don't do it right you melt a hole in your jacket instead of repairing the tear. If you want to go this route PM me and I'll send you a length of tape (I've got miles of it) and instructions.


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Ha ha! You should see my old purple Freestyle goretex jacket - it's about 15 years old, got patches glued all over it and stands up on its own because I reproof it with Thompson's Water Seal!

Still does the job though.


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LSR repair 25.00 + 7.50 p+p. Altura Night Vision from around £40 (Evans, yellow) - I think I would try the Gaffer tape!
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