The 2007 Tour of Thailand

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    The TdF is over for another year, now to prepare for the TdT – Tour of Thailand, 1,312 Miles/2,099 KM; over 21 days of riding and 7 days off. The Tour is now in its fifth year and all donations, without deductions, go to:-

    The Max Foundation (TMF) – A US-based non-profit cancer organization with international focus. TMF is dedicated to helping patients with leukemia and blood-related cancers worldwide by facilitating access to treatment and providing care and support for those who have limited access to resources.

    The Foundation for the Blind in Thailand Under the Royal Patronage of H.M. The Queen – A Thai non-profit organization for helping and teaching the blind in Thailand.

    Further details are on

    If you wish to sponsor me, please PM me


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