The 2010 Wasps thread...


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Some big fcuk off ones in Turkey. Brown other than a yellow and black abdomen. ...about twice the size of uk ones......
markg0vbr said:
wasps do a hell of a lot of good keeping other insects under control.
alecstilleyedye said:
oh yeh? then how come they've always got time to show up for picnics?
We've had all this before. It's all down to time-of-the-year. Picnic-hassle is late summer and early autumn stuff, long after breeding is done. In spring they're looking for insects to feed the brood.

I hope to see a few hornets during the next two weeks, in France, though it may be too early in the year for them. Have to admit though, you don't want a nest of those around the house...
Wasps - grrrr. Spring arrives, sunny, warm and your spirits lift.

Then its ruined by those pesky Wasps that buzz around, ruin a good day out, and seem to have no shame on the havoc they cause.

Personally I'd like to stamp on every single one until they are just a mess on the pavement.

This is a Rugby-related thread, isn't it?

dave r

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I haven't seen any wasps yet, but I've seen some huge bees about, queens I presume. I had one fly into my spokes this morning, made a lovely pinging noise as it bounced of.
Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

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Globalti said:
That big wasp bumbling against the inside of your window is a QUEEN wasp who has shared your bedroom with you for the last 6 months and has now woken up feeling in the need of a meal and some sex. She was probably hiding in the curtains or inside your wardrobe.


Time to get my sting cream out and carry it with me on rides. Got stung twice out riding last year, so started to carry sting cream with me, never had much faith in it, but when I got stung on later rides, I was very surprised how quick it took the pain away.
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