The Beaminster Tunnel landslide


I refer to this link and the BBC news feature.

A landslide arrives on the top of a car and very probably kills the two inhabitants outright. A small investigation conludes there is no car or human remains in that landslide. A missing persons enquiry, believed to be totally unrelated to the matter, is being opened. The phone records traces the pair to Beaminster and someone gets the idea that maybe there are something under that rubble, ten days after the landslide has happened. It is.

Is it only me who gets a bit iffy about this ? A landslide remains uncleared for ten days on a socalled vital link between Dorset and the surrounding world. Nobody really bothers (?).

If that had been India, Bangladesh or anywhere else, that landslide would had been at least properly checked out for any human remains and/or cleared on the spot. Or am I wrong ? I think this is a strange incident, to say at least. As a lonesome bike rider, I would be happy that my human remains would be found in a landslide within hours instead of ten days or many weeks afterwards. Am I the only one with these sentiments ?


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I'm not sure it was a ''vital link''. Maybe a nuisance locally that it was closed but that's about it.

Iffy? Just an unfortunate event really. Perhaps it could have been cleared sooner but whatever, they would still have been dead.


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Very unfortunate. They checked for signs of life and found none and the car was flattened so it wasn't immediately obvious there was anything under the rubble. Just one of those sad events really. As they said, it was a million to one chance that the car was there when the land slipped.
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