The beauty in the everyday....

Tail End Charlie

Well, write it down boy ......
I had this feeling I was being watched.



Grimpeur des terrains plats


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Just a hawthorn tree…
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Superb pic.


Obviously an Aubergine

A blowsy blustery day, of rainbows and showers.

A change to wear my new long waterproof coat.

One recent cold morning. I love seeing steam rising from compost heaps and the like. I'll get another better picture soon, so I'll have to find the biggest pile of horse muck I can!

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I've got a humungous pile here, well over 200 tonnes of local stable waste..

I'll nip our and check for steam rising the next frosty morn..

(And I thought I had strange tastes:rolleyes:)

It's just started raining again tho..
So it might be a while.
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