The benefit of winter

I know spring is categorically not here yet but, for about four hours today, it did feel like it in the Yorkshire Dales and, whilst judiciously descending something long-ish, high-ish, and potentiallly-covered-in-snow&ice-ish I realised that, once the slipperiness hazard has gone, I'll have one fewer excuse for 'cautious descending' and may well feel obliged to go faster downhill. I recall, having started cycling last August, thinking that I'd leave it 'til 2015 to practise descending quickly. Oh dear - not far off time to man up soon then :ph34r:

So there ARE upsides to winter cycling! Collectively: more excuses for all sorts of things.


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It's winter all year on my descents
Remember to look where you want to go not where you fear ending up - or you'll end up where you fear
Thanks. I must make a list of good ideas for safe descents in the next month or so, and that's a very good one. Shouting at any sheep on the side of roads in advance is another one: they have a habit of startling and jumping into the road otherwise, which is unhelpful ;-)
If I can't see ahead, I'm a descending wuss :-(

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There'a a short steep hill near me where you can reach 50 mph for about 15 seconds. I've reached 50mph on it a few times but the last time i was covering and touching my brakes and managed 41mph. I think that's enough for me these days.


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I came down that last September and, not yet having the brain removal facility, braked ...... quite a lot of the way down I think.
Remember that Recumbents descend a lot faster than DFs so I'm used to speed down hill and have two front wheels equipped with disc brakes so can brake a lot harder than traditional Diamond Frame bikes. I topped 50mph a couple of times on that long descent despite braking for some of the bends.


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I also cycle in the Dales, I am still rubbish at descending. You always have those really nice dry stone walls to help you stop if you are going to fast. My only off was on a descent on a cattle grid, plenty of those in the Dales. I have vastly improved going uphill but descending I am and will remain cautious. You spend that long going up you might as well enjoy the descent.
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