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took my eldest son on his first ride of any length today (previous rides have been just around local parks etc) as we did the 13 mile macclesfield bikeathon route.

he's only 7, but managed it in about 2.5 hours despite only having a little single speed bike that weighs more than any of my road bikes and still had the energy for the bouncy castle after.

looks like he might become quite a keen cyclist; he says he wants to do the 26 mile route next year, so it looks like we may have to find him more suitable equipment.

other than islabikes, are there any decent kids bikes out there?


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If you don't want Islabike prices, the Coyote range is pretty good -
He needs a decent bike Alec! With that enthusiasm and potential who knows where it will end?

I picked up one of these cheap single speed kids BSO's. Good God it must of weighed 12kgs! It'll either make them world beaters or want to give up cycling for good.


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if i get mine to do 1.5 miles without stopping every 300 yars i have done well . gets right on my nerves , keep threatning to get tandem and strapping her to it ,then she cant stop


Well done to him!

Should warn you tho' that 2 of our 8 year olds decided to do the 70-mile Wetherby-Filey Great Yorkshire Bike Ride a year or several back - and completed it.

Another keen borthe/sister did Alpe d'Huez at 8 and 10 respectively, while one of the GYBR kids later did La Marmotte at age 11.

Be careful what you wish for....

Be very careful :biggrin:
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