The Cheshire Lanes Are Full On Sundays With Cyclist


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Thats it now

The Cheshire lanes are now full

Why is it on a trip out onto the Staffs plains I see so many cyclist then none after Cheshire ? With our new found heroes it's only going to get worst 'Its not a bad thing'

Whats your lanes like ?


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Whats your lanes like ?
My wife complained that her lanes at the local pool became crowded when Rebecca Adlington was successful in the last Olympics. Good to see that cyclists are muscling in on the lane crowding thing.


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Yeah, Cheshire yesterday morning was busier than I've ever seen it. Not sure that many were new cyclists though - I think it was more that everyone wanted to get a ride in early so they could watch the finish in the afternoon.


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Plenty out on Sunday around Cannock Chase and the motorists were being very considerate along with multiple shouts from windows of bragwigglerrrrns !" or something similar :smile:

I now pronounce all this niceness towards cyclists as "The Wiggo Effect "
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