The costs of running a car and the joys of cycling


Accra, Ghana
Mine is brilliant, great fun and easy to fixView attachment 470422
I think I can top that. I used to have something similar to this:

Austin 7 special. 1930s chassis with 750cc side valve engine. Can't get much simpler.


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West Wales
I got rid of the last car in April .
Hate driving these days and I have a bike and a bus pass.
I don’t have kids or a job, if I did I suspect I would still be driving
Shades of.... the old 504, otherwise known as the workhorse of Africa
I nearly bought, or at least considered, a brand new 504 pickup back in the day. Sensibly i went for a van instead, but the pick up was still based on a much posher car than the Maestro van was.
That said, despite BL's woeful reputation their diesel van was superb
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