The David Duffield school of fashion

Once again this lunchtime I'm distracted by le tour and it's taken me a while to get back to 'work' (ahem).

Anyway, now I love Duffers as much as the next person, but after all the Eurosport coverage so far, I can't help noticing his unique sense of personal style, which in my opinion takes some beating.

Not only is he less comprehensible than David Coleman, but his dress sense is light years ahead of the rest of us. On Saturday it was a checked shirt with a checked jacket (big rule of being on TV - do not wear checks - he wears two contrasting checks), and today it's this bonkers outsize (think David Byrne from Talking Heads, only bigger) stone wash denim suit jacket with jeans, white socks and black patent slip ons...

So, everyone, keep a close eye on the Duffmeister's wardrobe and then maybe...just maybe we'll all one day be as cool as him.


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i can only assume that itv4 don't have full coverage every day then :blush:


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Yesterday he was wearing a very noisy black chalk stripe jacket - it made my screen go a bit funny. Seeing him on the bike is funny - for a start he's got a small wheeled bike that looks like a folder, and then he really sets the look off with a backwards cycling cap. The man's a legend, simply for the fact that he still calls Quickstep 'Mapei', with no hint of embarassment.
He's a living legend. Watch and learn...
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