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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by PaulSecteur, 25 Apr 2010.

  1. PaulSecteur

    PaulSecteur Specialized fanboy

    For the last few weeks I havent been able to get out for a decent ride, just the odd 5-10 milers. Anyway, Friday just gone I had free time, the sun was out so I did a 32 miler along the canal paths.

    The ride was nothing too energetic, the first 20 miles were nice and easy with no targets for speed, but the return leg of 12 miles from the Malthouse (by the gas stret basin) to where the canal ends near me (By the Showcase cinema near M6 junction 10) was planned to be done in 1 hour - actually took 1.05 - I was pushing faster but never too much and could easily say thanks to people that let me passed (and sing when no one was about!)

    The next day although there was some physical little aches, nothing painful and just enough to let me know I had done more than usual, mentally I felt knackerd! Is this normal?

    EDIT: I know these distances and speeds are probably a warm up session to some of you, but to me its a long ride!
  2. Telemark

    Telemark Cycling is fun ...

    Clearly it was the singing that did you in ;)
    Seriously, it is perfectly normal to be tired (physically & mentally) after a "more-than-usual" effort. Bodies are creatures of habit, but adapt to challenges when pushed a bit. Just give yourself time to recover before pushing again, and 30 miles will soon feel easy. Well done! :biggrin:

  3. GrasB

    GrasB Veteran

    Nr Cambridge
    Sounds about right for a hardish ride, especially when you're pushing your mileage up. Give it time & your ability to go faster & further will improve.
  4. joemaxi

    joemaxi New Member

    I did a 32 mile ride last week and felt exactly the same. In fact, when I first started cycling to work, I felt like that after 4 miles!! But,as was said earlier, your body adapts and you get fitter and stronger!

    It's 4.6 miles to my work and when I first started cycling it took me 30 minutes. I have to say that I'm a lorry driver and so sit on my fat ass all day eating yorkies and murdering pros....... Sorry, having a jeremy clarkson moment there!:laugh:

    Now the trip takes me 14 minutes and I don't feel like I'm going to die when I get off the bike!!

    It takes a while, but your fitness and stamina will improve.
  5. Banjo

    Banjo Fuelled with Jelly Babies

    South Wales
    After a longer or harder than normal ride i also feel a bit washed out for a couple of days.Glad im not the only one.
  6. Matthames

    Matthames Über Member

    East Sussex
    I did a ride that was just shy of 30 miles yesterday. Today I ache.

    Just a thought, does massage help?
  7. Hont

    Hont Veteran

    'tis normal to feel tired and yawn a lot after a hard effort. It's your body's way of telling you to rest.
  8. oliver

    oliver Senior Member

    not just you anything over 30 for me leaves me tired- i'm doing triple that in the summer :blush:
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