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Speculation is rife that Boris is going to resign rather than ask Europe for an extension. This will leave a vacancy at the top, one I think I should have a crack at.

The Drago Party is the cyclists friend Here is my manifesto;

All motoring offences earn a ban as well as points, starting at 28 days for a minor speeding offence and working up from there. Cars to be surrendered until the ban is served.

12 points means a ban - no tales of woe getting you off the hook.

A ban earned through totting up is a lifetime ban.

Death by, drink and drug driving offences will earn lifetime bans.

Disqualified driving is an automatic prison sentence.

Lifetime bans from driving result in cars being publicly crushed.

No parking of cars in a public place unless in a marked bay.

No pavement parking.

Car ownership not permitted until the prospective owner has proven to the authorities they have somewhere off road to store it.

Mandatory roadsign recognition and GPS speed limiters.

All cyclists to receive a small income paid for from car tax.

All cars taxed equally and at punitive levels.

As well as car tax, an additional "filth tax" on pump fuels and electricity used to charge cars.

Cars banned from town centres.

Anyone who complains is deported to Switzerland, where the laws are even stricter.

Car owners to be excluded from voting at all elections.

Compulsory 5 year driver retesting.

So, whaddya think? I reckon I could get as many as 2 or 3 votes.
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PS, I dont have a scooby doo how I ended up in this forum. If a @Moderators wouldn't mind moving it to the Cafe and then administeringg a stiff thrashing, I'd be very grateful.
I thought you were actually selling it then but only on street corners to right wing survivalists for a tenner, £20 to Guardian readers.

That joke may or may not bear a resemblance to an actual manifesto sale.


Bloody torie boy, far to sensible
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