The Drago manifesto


Yup, no, that didn’t work.
@Drago manifesto slogan:

More Bonkers Than Boris.


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My wife and eldest son aren't either - but they can vote as they're on the electoral roll.
Any letters on their line though.


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In all seriousness more there I agree with the an otherwise but I do have some quite serious reservations about some things.


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PS, I dont have a scooby doo how I ended up in this forum. If a @Moderators wouldn't mind moving it to the Cafe and then administeringg a stiff thrashing, I'd be very grateful.
@Drago should be given a dammed good thrashing just for talking such bollax, but I fear he might enjoy it a bit too much. :laugh:
He said he would be grateful for a good thrashing. :laugh:
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