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Would a perch qualify?
Don't tell him Pike.


And add, any vehicle involved in an accident with a cyclist is scrapped and the driver had to pay compensation on a sliding scale and replace the bike with an upgraded version. This assumes the vehicle is always in the wrong. Can apply to pedestrians, they get new shoes.


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@Drago should be given a dammed good thrashing just for talking such bollax, but I fear he might enjoy it a bit too much. :laugh:
He's missed the bit about public flogging for those that drive unnecessary big 4x4 cars
Not only will I scrap VAT on bikes, my government will actually pay the buyer the equivalent sum of the VAT as a reward for buying a bike.

To late. Vauxhall’dealers are already doing that probably cheaper to by a Vauxhall than some bikes.

That’s done it I will fall foul of Dragos new rules
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