The Earworm Thread


Unusually for me, I watched an old western the other day, and ended up with this tune rattling round my head ever since. If you watch this clip, it'll probably rattle around yours too.....



Midlands UK



From the brilliant Yonderland. In a later episode (a Batman spoof), one of these can be seen stuffed, in a glass bell case, on the desk of the pseudo Batman's father. The song gets repeated later after Debbie's sister is killed off with lyrics about how she killed her, sung equally over-cutely.
This, as it was the next CD track when I got in my car last weekend

Quite funny too, if you listen/watch

I've got this one going round and round in my head - it just got stuck there while I was working on a poem


Part of the soundtrack to the summer of '91. I know the song is older than that, but it reminds me of someone who is still very dear to me, and it makes me cry. Every bloody time. :cry:

I'm not normally a blubbering wreck.

But if you'll all excuse me, I'll reach for the tissues...
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