The ecstasy of solitude


Same here, i love it

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If I go more than a day without talking to someone I feel depressed. I just couldn't live a hermit life. Surely hermits must talk to themselves or an imaginary friend to maintain their ability to verbally communicate. Just in case they decide self inflicted solitude isn't for them anymore.


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You’re correct, but not having a fire for that long in the middle of a North American winter is pretty amazing.
He maintained his chosen lifestyle with theft. That's the thing that impressed me most. Sorry. If he had done good works while being a hermit, I might give him the benefit of being some kind of Robin Hood...….but he didn't. He just nicked other peoples' stuff and contemplated his navel.


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I remember seeing this story a year or so ago and it's amazing how quickly people's admiration for him evaporates once they learn how he maintained his lifestyle.

Conversely I'd say that robbing rich nobbers' holiday cabins qualifies as redistribution of wealth and is to be applauded, although he should have redistributed some to me, the selfish get.


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Another one here who likes solitude. I do most of my cycling alone with my own thoughts. Had a few friends worry when my wife moved to Dumfries and I stayed in Stornoway alone for 7 months waiting for the house to sell - I loved the solitude and (apart from the monthly schlep south to visit my wife) only went out to meet others when asked or if had to :smile:
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I could quite go for the peace and solitude. Back on Shetland, particularly in bad weather (ie, about 8 months of the year) I might not leave the house for days.


Some old churches have hermit cells in the wall. You went in then got bricked up with only a slit in the wall to hear the service and a little door for food to be past though. Living in a cave alway from it all is one thing but bring bricked in alive is another.
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