The Fly II - on tv last night

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Why is it that the scientists in it were clever enough to know that the main character was metamorphising into a fly, and yet not clever enough to know that, when he became a fly, he would then be able to walk on the ceiling? None of the people trying to track him down seemed to realise that, they just looked at the floors or walls and assumed he was not there!


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The boonies
Because they are American film people and thus tossers?


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I remember, years ago, on three consecutive Thursday nights Granada shown the original 'The Fly', The Return of the Fly' and 'The Curse of the Fly'; all films ended with the credits rolling and a voice saying in a low, slow, sombre tone "Is this the end of the fly?" As he was saying it on the third film, the continuity announcer's mike was open and he was heard to say "Certainly bloody hope so!"
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