The Grand National

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Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
I forgot !:blush:


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to win…
snow leopardess (for my mum who likes a grey)
Eclair surf
enjoy d’allen
Minella times

each way- death duty

so no ridiculous outsiders


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MrsF just bet on Minella Times
I got some decent winnings last year
Always used to love Grand National day
we always used to watch it on the telly - my Dad lived near the Melling Road crossing when he was a kid
Until they started bringing Concord into Liverpool Airport on the day - it generally ran as a champagne flight from Heathrow
then it dropped the rich people off at the airport and they got coaches to the race course
Then they refuled and ran a supersonic flight out over the Atlantic at far cheaper rates than normal and came back to Liverpool
Then the rich people came back and COncord took them back to Heathrow with more champagne

So - we used to go the end of the runway with an airband radio and a cool box full of food plus a couple of flasks for tea and coffee and watch the planes coming and going - including 2 landings and take-offs from Concord

One year we even went on the supersonic trip - a wonderful experience!!!


I got second & third each way but with wife’s rubbish bets I’m still a couple of sheckles down.
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