The Isle Of Wight Randonnee, Sunday 3rd of May

Any of our esteemed forumers going to the Isle this year? I will be starting from Kite Hill campsite near Wootton at about 09.00. You can still register on the day.
I might sling my foldy on the red jet and do it for a laugh.


Always at opposition
I've just booked transport and expect to be part of a group of LFGSSers camping at Kite Hill on Saturday and Sunday nights. Wonder if we will win the pub quiz at the Sloop again.


Comfortably numb and increasingly fixed.
Gillingham, Kent
B&B-ing in Sandown on the Saturday night, so will be starting from Alverstone. I haven't been out that way since 2008 - I thought I'd give it a go fixed this time and see if the island really is as lumpy as I'd remembered.


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Yup I'll be there. Starting at Kite Hill but getting the 7am crossing to beat the masses. The control had opened by 8am last time I did this so hopefully we'll be able to get going early too.
Unfortunately during a heroic attempt to save a young lady's virtue carrying a laundry basket downstairs and missing the last step I have crocked my knee and been off the bikes for three weeks.

I am now awaiting a referral and scans

So I am out this year
I've got to get to the island (and back) in potentially horrendous conditions, I only live over the the road from the terminal, but getting stuck on the island :eek:.
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