The latest in so called bottle dynamos

This looks very interesting. No doubt not upto hub dynamos in terms power output BUT has advantages over them. In my opinion big advantages. In comparison to bottle dynamos there just not comparable. No slippage in rain for instance

A reviews of which there are many.

At the moment I have two bikes with hub dynamos.
Drag is irrelevant on the electric bike.
The other bike is a Santos with best dynamo hub and best light available. I also have another Santos with no hub dynamo. Everything else is identical other than tyres and belt on the one with the dynamo, chain on the one without dynamo. There is a short steep hill leaving the village, it always seems noticeably harder on the Santos with the hub dynamo. Of course it doesn't follow its the hub, there are other things to take into account (tyres being the most obvious)
Either way I am going to contact them for further info and which to buy.
On ebay there is a Sputnik (both of my Santos's rims are Sputniks))with dynamo and lights all top of the range exactly the same as the one on my Santos for £275. I Am tempted but I really want to give this a try despite the cost. They are on ebay by the way.
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