1. CanucksTraveller

    Bottle cleaning on tour

    Good morning everyone, I have a quick question on bottle cleanliness on tours: Under normal circumstances I'd wash my bottles daily in hot soapy water and use a bottle brush. On a few days away from home I'm happy to just rinse them out with clean water nightly, but over a long tour I'm...
  2. wafter

    Traditional bottle cage suggestions please..

    Excitement abound :rolleyes: The CdF needs cages; I'm ideally looking at traditional aluminium tubular types rather than anything too modern / out of keeping with the steel frame. I bought some Topeak Shuttles which got great reviews, look good and are light.. however they look like they've...
  3. jay clock

    Bottle holder for Dahon

    I have lent my Dahon to my daughter in London for lockdown. Any clever ideas re a bottle holder that won't impede the fold?
  4. bikingdad90

    Sorted 2x bottle cages and a pump bracket.

    I am after 2 preferably lime green or grey bottle cages to go on my Boardman CX comp. I am also after a pump bracket which I can mount with the cage to secure a bike pump to. Willing to pay a few £ in postage and maybe a few £ for the goods too.
  5. Grant Fondo

    Bottle of Fizz anyone?

    Bloody 'eck! This stuff is fantastic. Tastes like a Bolinger bottle of champers....all for £9.00 at Sainsburys. I am off to get a case for Chrimbo, Cheers all :wacko:
  6. D

    What do you think of my product?

    It is an iteration of my product. It is a bottle holder made of cardboard which has a speaker to deter animals, light to deter animals and motorists, ultrasound sensors all around it which detect the animal or motorist and turn on the light and speaker. It also has a waterproof casing. I shall...
  7. Nibor

    Neat bottle holder for my Brompton

    Picked this up for a fiver from Decathlon very neat solution and doesn't affect the fold.
  8. steveindenmark

    Bottle holders for Brompton 9 Street

    I said I wouldnt post this to avoid a stampede. But I couldnt resist. A very kind man has made these bottle holders on his 3D printer for my Brompton 9 Streets. I am not divulging who. My task is to find out how tough they are. I think they will look great on the bike.
  9. Icemanhgv

    Water bottle

    I've had a water bottle and phone holder made at work for the KMX, works a treat
  10. steveindenmark

    Velcro bottle cages

    I wanted to fit a Blackburn framebag in the frame on my bike and wanted to move the bottle cages to the front forks as a tester. I found these velcro mounts online at Rose bikes and they work a treat. Easy to fit and solid. I came off on ice and the bottle didnt move. I will have one on each...
  11. beepbeep

    Elite Bottle cages

    WANTED - Pair of Elite White / Pink Bottle cages.....thanks in advance. ^_^
  12. KneesUp

    Recommend a fatter bottle cage

    I have happily used a plastic 1 litre bottle to take water to work for years. However, I dropped it last week and cracked it. Bah! I bought a stainless one to replace it, not thinking that because it's double walled (ooh!) it is fatter, so it doesn't fit in my bottle cage. Harrumph. I've seen...
  13. Dave7

    Some type of gizmo to hold a water bottle on the exercise bike needed.

    As its a solid stationary exercise bike the only place I can think of is on the bars and they are not normal bike diameter. I dont mind if it takes a disposable bottle or one I use on the road bike. Any suggestions ??
  14. PHL67

    Raleigh Bottle.

    i was given this nice bottle today. Will look nice on one of my bikes.
  15. Katherine

    What have you collected and brought home in your water bottle? Planned or spontaneously.

    I love Alan's idea of collecting blackberries in a water bottle, as mentioned in the cleaning your bottle thread. It makes me wonder what else it could be used for (after you've drunk it's contents.)
  16. Blue Hills

    "Vintage" water bottle holder

    Must admit that this bit of the forum isn't my patch, but I do rather like this: Wondering if I could maybe use it on one of my hybrid/tourers.
  17. M

    Where to put my water bottle cage on a KMX trike

    I bought a couple of cheapo water bottles and cages, both from sports direct yesterday, one was a Dunlop £1.49 bottle with cage, it was priced at £2.99 but i said i see it on web at half that so she price matched it and the other was a £2.99 Muddyfox water bottle and cage, both plastic tabs...
  18. Boopop

    Very loose bottle cage bosses - Fixable?

    My trusty 2012 Triban 3 is poorly - three of the four bottle cage bosses are very loose, one of which even has the boss split in half with the top half loose above the frame and the bottom half inside the frame with the bolt seized in to it...yuck. So the question is, is this fixable? I went to...
  19. airborneal

    Carbon Bottle Cage, TDF Series, Insulated Bottle, Bell, & Repair Kit SOLD

    All items are Tour de France Yellow Jersey Series Carbon bottle cage 24 grams Insulated Bottle / bidon Bell Puncture repair kit £25 posted
  20. Soltydog

    Titanium bottle cage RSP old style

    I'm after a titanium bottle cage to match up with my old style RSP one, if anyone has one they no longer use? It seems the wiggle lifeline one was very similar too, but they're out of stock too. I've seen a couple of similar ones on the bay, but look like they might be a different finish, so I...
  21. Banjo

    Bottle cage eyelets on top of top tube?

    Anyone know what they are for? I was thinking of A small plastic box for jelly babies^_^
  22. Banjo

    Side Entry Bottle Cage

    I have a brand new Felt VR50 currently in the living room but soon to be banished to the shed. Really pleased with it frame looks beautifully made and everything works smooth and easy. Only one gripe.I cant get a 750mill bottle in and out of the seatpost cage.Bike is 54cm and has a sloping top...
  23. U

    Free bottle cages

    Two bottle cages for free.. Cheap alloy, but seems a shame to throw them away.
  24. C

    Recommend a bottle cage - well two......

    I've got one but for longer rides I'd like two on. I can't get another of the one I have (well, they have to match) and with it being a 52cm frame and an oval downtube, two of the same would fit but the bottles would interfere which brings me to the main point of the recommendation. Because of...
  25. C

    Does a water bottle improve aerodynamics?

    I have never used a water bottle while riding TT, keeping the frame 'clean'. But I've seen claims that the flat-ish water bottles on the downtube improve aerodynamics. Does anyone have real world experience with this?
  26. Tom B

    Metal one peice bottle cage required

    I have a couple of Oxford bottle holders that on closer inspection appear to be made from three parts. The frame that holds the cage to the bike, the top back bit of the cage, in essence a narrow U shape and the part that suports the bottle. The U shape and the bottle support just appear to be...
  27. jay clock

    where to strap on a third bottle cage

    I am doing an Ironman in 2 weeks. My third, plus a load of half IMs so quite experienced. But slow! I take my own sports drink and in the past have had two bottles in the main cages. They then provide new bottles of water. (You throw away your own bottles) .I have always stopped and added...
  28. PeteXXX

    When was the last time you had a bottle of wine with a cork stopper?

    When was the last time you had a bottle of wine with a cork stopper? Me? Unless it was a bottle of Home Made, I really can't remember :sad:
  29. bonker

    Came a cropper on a plastic bottle

    Is this common or was I just unlucky? Travelling down New Cavendish Street at lunchtime on my Brompton just touched the brakes and the next thing I'm on the deck to a really weird noise. At first I thought it was some kind of mechanical then I realised the noise was a flattened plastic bottle...
  30. macp

    Kona Sutra bottle cage query

    Evening all Assuming I will need more than one bottle I noticed a potential issue with mounting a bottle cage on the upright tube due to the position of the clamp below. I bought a zefal bottle cage and noticed the bottom of the cage interferes with the clamp. Im guessing I will have to use...
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