1. RedRider

    Show us yer bottle cages

    Following on from the epic 'Show us yer bidons' thread, I bring you the equally promising 'Show us your bottle cages'... It's the first time I've used 'iris'-style cages. I think they look nice and they're versatile... They're the King Cage, made in the USA version. Stainless steel so...
  2. Dave7

    Bacon butties and a bottle of Champagne.......very yummy

    A golfing mate told me that is what he was having Christmas day morning so I thought.........we will try that on boxing day. nice that was. Fresh baked crusty cobs, loads of bacon, butter, brown sauce (NOT RED) and the bottle of Champers. And to top it off I am watching Stoke...
  3. Distorted Vision

    Thermos Flask to fit standard bottle cage

    I was looking for a Thermos flask which has a cup rather than a sports cap for coffee. I couldn't find a cycling specific one does anyone know is this will fit a standard bottle cage:
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