Very loose bottle cage bosses - Fixable?


My trusty 2012 Triban 3 is poorly - three of the four bottle cage bosses are very loose, one of which even has the boss split in half with the top half loose above the frame and the bottom half inside the frame with the bolt seized in to it...yuck.

So the question is, is this fixable? I went to my LBS and they said they could not find the appropriate replacement rivnuts as the holes were too small...or something like that. So I guess I'll try some others tomorrow. It seems unlikely to me but is it possible that it's beyond repair? I really don't want to have to buy straps for the thing.



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I assume they mean they don't have the right size rivnuts (5 mm i suspect) which would surprise me, there arent that many sizes used on a bike.
If they mean they have the right size but made by a different manufacturer so the original hole size is different...surely they could drill the frame out to meet their sized rivnuts.
But then you have to get the old bits out that will now rattling around inside the frame. But they may be shying away because if the old rivnut is spinning around, they can be a bit difficult to remove...or it may be the hole in the frame has stretched / worn and won't take their rivnuts. There's a few minor complications i can think of...nothing i couldnt' get round but i havnt seen yours.
Perhaps they just don't want the hassle, perhaps someone else will.


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A few years back, I bought two Trek hybrids from a local LBS (now closed).
After about 18 months I had the same problem as the OP, so I went into the LBS to ask if they could fit a new rivnut.
Answer was yes and it will be £25 please.
I declined the offer and bought my own rivnut tool. £17 off Ebay iirc for the tool and some rivnuts. Job done and now I have the tool at my disposal.


So it is fixable...I tried another LBS today (Halfords, sorry!), they were having nothing to do with it. I'd like to drill them out and replace them myself but I'm afraid of damaging the frame or not being able to install the new ones for some reason. I'll try another bike shop near where I work tomorrow. Thanks for giving me hope :smile:
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