Side Entry Bottle Cage


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South Wales
I have a brand new Felt VR50 currently in the living room but soon to be banished to the shed.

Really pleased with it frame looks beautifully made and everything works smooth and easy.

Only one gripe.I cant get a 750mill bottle in and out of the seatpost cage.Bike is 54cm and has a sloping top tube.

I think a 500 would squeeze in but a side entry would allow 750 .

I wonder how secure they are.Doesnt matter if a little awkward as I only deal with seatpost bottle when stopped.
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I fitted a couple recently. Haven't lost any bottles yet!

Ajax Bay

East Devon
I have a side entry cage, on the down tube, and it's done me well. I fitted it to make it easier to access when I have a slim frame bag immediately above it.
The only time I've lost a bottle has been on a close to zero speed off in the dead of night on slippery (I now realise) wooden sleepers (above Okehampton on the 'Dartmoor Ghost' audax). Otherwise all good for the last 15,000km and this is the bottle/cage I use all the time (ie for drinking as I roll). The bottle gets a confirmation tap every time I replace it. My cage is alloy - you can bend it slightly to ensure a good (friction) fit.
It is one of these, which you can fit for either left or right 'opening':
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