Water bottle carriers


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I wanted to have more ability to carry water on my trike and did experiment with using an aqua pack fitted to the rear of the seat frame. But it was fiddly to fit and not particularly easy to use. On a trip to Evans cycles I saw they sold a very reasonably priced handlebar mount for a water bottle cage.


I thought it may be possible to fit a pair of these to the seat frame allowing me to carry 2 additional water bottles without compromising the use of the rear carrier.

WP_20161111_12_21_37_Pro.jpg WP_20161111_12_22_05_Pro.jpg

As you can see it works a treat I have bottles mounted both sides which are easy to access on the move, don't interfere with the carrier, or panniers, and also don't make removing the seat any more complex when I need to fold the trike for transport.

Hope others may find this of interest



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That's a great idea for mesh seats. Mounting options on 'bents always seem to require some sort of engineering ambition. :smile:
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