The Lowest flyby ever???

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Whilst messing about on youtube I came across this little corker...a guy standing outside an airbase watching A-10s take off:

Now, please feel free to calculate the exact moment you'd be filling your pants! :rolleyes:

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I think I would have dropped the camera and run before it got that close, worth watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was in Israel many years ago atop Masada looking down at the Dead Sea. To the south a strange, silent formation was approaching VERY rapidly indeed. It was seven Israeli Air Force jets flying at what looked like only a few feet above the water's surface. All this was seen in total silence and only once they had passed did the sound waves reach us. It was unbelievably loud!


How low can you go .

The RAF Bucaneer pilots back in the 70's had been seen to almost touch the sand dunes during the joint "Red flag" exercise with USAF .{Not this clip}


I once worked with a Belgian Air Force Alpha Jet pilot who was grounded for a while for low flying.

He was part of an exercise raid on a copse which was hiding an army headquarters. Their comms masts were 27 feet high with a 1 metre calibrated rod antenna mounted on the top. The chaps who set it up reckoned the mast and antenna stuck up just over 4 feet above the tree canopy.

He over flew the site and hit the mast with his wing chopping it an inch or so above the tip of the mast. Given the geometry of the Alpha jet (it's wing is set high on the fuselarge) it meant his aircraft was flying flat out through the canopy of the trees with their branches passing either side of his cockpit. :rolleyes:


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At the air tattoo this year I took this pic - (Medium).jpg - Im only 6ft tall, so I wonder how high he was off the ground?


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terry huckle said:
This one always raises a smile...a couple of squaddies by the airfield fence and a Harrier pilot.

And I like the fact that judging from the comments, someone didn't think Harriers actually existed.

Actually my 'favourite' Harrier trick is when they come up from behind a line of trees or something, very slowly and stealthily, and then blast forwards over you...

And that thing they do at airshows, bowing to the crowd...
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