The Millets Mystery Bike


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Like me, you may be in the habit of casting your eye over anything bike shaped when out and about, like an eagle spying prey. So imagine my dismay when I spotted this on a poster in Millets.

Although I think the idea of wearing puttees to keep the trousers clean is a genuinely smart idea, I was more concerned about the forks. Might I suggest the lady model was picking gravel out of her face soon after this shot was taken.
mr_hippo said:
Are the forks on backwards?

Indeed they are. I thought she had turned the wheel around 180 degrees - but the bars are facing the right way.

And how old is that bike? Do I spy thumbies?


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obviously the photographer, creative director in charge etc knew nothing about cycling. i've seen some howlers in my time working in advertising.

my personal fave was a long time ago, in argos, advertising a photo service. the size of the picture was at least a1, with an image of a "cute" cat that looked incredibly angry and was seconds from ripping the photographer's nuts off. the felinerati among us will know that look well.
What's the fuss about ?

I always wear gaiters and walking boots for off-road cycling.
And a waterproof coat.
After all, it might rain.

My forks look like that too. I had my toes amputated so I could round corners without them catching the wheel.


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Saw a kid with forks like that today - naff toys-r-us sort of bike shaped object. The rest of the bike matched it, right down to the rust and the non working brakes (well the feet worked).


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Usually when you see a kid with forks like that, it's because their Dad thinks he knows bikes and has bollixed it up.

"Out of the box, twist the bars, bish bosh"
"Argh thud"
"Stop bleeding, Timmy!"
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