The Next Catalogue


64 and a little bit.
Light blue box under the carport this morning left by unseen delivery person.

Went to pick it up and crikey...the weight of it.

Was a Next catalogue - not requested but received presumably because Lovely Wife shops online with them.


Weighs just over 1 Stone according to the Fat Scales in the bathroom.


This thing must cost a fortune to produce/distribute - presumably they do some sort of cost/benefit analysis on it.


Anyway...if you have light blue box your back. :smile:


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My next catalogue will be a Chiltern Seeds catalogue. It's porn for gardners and fits through the letterbox.


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West Yorkshire
When i was younger i used to look forward to the Littlewoods catalogue arriving just to look at the bras and knickers.:heat:
Youngsters have it easy nowadays,the internet makes it too easy.We had to work hard to see a bit of something naughty.


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Don't they charge for these catalogues too?

I ordered online once, and a catalogue turned up some months later with an invoice for the catalogue! They'd opened me up a credit account.
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