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ivancarlos said:
It took a very long time, two and a half billion years, to go from single cells to multi-cell beings, which are a necessary precursor to intelligence.
Speak for yourself, Sonny Jim!

btw...I can do a really good impression of Stephen Hawking. And Shaggy out of Scooby Doo.
On a point of order...

Graham 56 posted:
This is a little to frivolous for my taste!

:biggrin::huh::biggrin: would have been far more suitable to the gravitas and seriousness that this thread deserves.


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ivancarlos: I think we are not an aggressive species - quite the reverse. The evidence is the first person you look at. It takes years of concentrated effort to brutalise a group of young, testosteronely overequipped young men, to make them into a fighting force.

Nazi Germany: if it was so natural then why did it take so many years of overweening other-hating propaganda to make it happen?

The universe is chock full of sentient species. The reason they're not here is the same reason as why we're not there: the universe is vast - it's a long way.

I'm good at knots.
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