The Politicians Are ALL Missing a Trick


Who cares about lower taxes, higher public spending, global warming, immigrants etc

All these soundbites and petty squabbles over trivial irrelevant things like the above.

Why does no party pledge the one thing that would guarantee them a huge majority in the election....

Yes, I'm talking about a pledge to banish caravans from the road



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I thought you were going to say: " banning drivers over 65 from driving" for a moment. Relieved!! ( although not quite 65 yet).

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
My 12yr old son was put on the spot at lunchtime on Monday. We were eating with friends in a pub beer garden, enjoying the sunshine and talking about the election. For a bit of fun we asked him what he would do if he were standing to be PM. He did very well and made some valid suggestions about improving education and job prospects for school leavers. He very cleverly commented on the lack of housing availability for young first time buyers (he must be planning an early escape? :okay:). He suggested that the health service must be maintained and also raised the topic of immigration control by insisting that people coming into this country should work in and contribute to the economy.
We all congratulated him on his sensible approach and commendable policies then I said stuff all that! I am going to stand against him and I will win with only one manifesto pledge!
All eyes turned on me and I'm sure that even people on the surrounding tables were listening to hear what my killer policy might be. So I revealed that if I am made PM then I will make every Monday a Bank Holiday Monday. At this point they all rushed forward raised me up onto their shoulders and carried me around the beer garden whooping and cheering (OK, I made this last bit up :rolleyes:).

I think I won :smile:
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