The Saturday Morning Barber Queue

Billy Wizz

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North Wales
I have always wondered what possesses some people to stand in all weathers 30 minutes before the barber opens on a Saturday morning, the obvious springs to mind, a haircut.

But for an hour later there is no queue any one else in the towns around the country notice this.?


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I've never observed such a thing.


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Social gathering, nothing wrong with it. Also many like to get things like that done first thing so that clears the rest of the morning. Must say I have never done it myself, but I respect others choice to do so.


We have a set of electric whal hair clippers wife does my half dozen hairs every month..
little buff and polish Jobs a good hair left wheni was about 20,22 ish
Lu does what's left of my hair with electric clippers, it must be 15 years since I last bothered a barber. I have however promised myself a proper shave with the cut-throat razor and hot towels one day, just to see what it's like.


I shave every day with a Gillette 3 blade ..I'm of the opinion the wife stays away from sharp's and my neck. she had a rear up at me and stabbed one of our wedding ballons..funiest thing ever..bless her ,I do push the boundaries from time to time:laugh:...

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Yes it happens at the barbers across the road from me. I think those who work during the week are the ones who queue outside on a Saturday for ages as it's their only chance of getting a haircut. As i post i can see 4 heads waiting to be trimmed,i pity them as the barber's a nice chap but he likes a good gossip and the more customers in the shop the slower he seems to go!


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I've done it a few times when I've been in serious need of a cut.

For a while though I used to shave it all off, but now I go to see a nice Vietnamese lady at a local nail + beauty parlour. :smile:
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