The tea leaves are out in force - beware!

Lack of opportunities to burgle houses and more bikes out on the street, it seems.
Yep, they’re going for the ‘low hanging fruit’ I’ve been making sure that my bikes are stored indoors, and not let out of my sight when out and about.


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Not only bike but all sorts of petty crime and they are daring. A friend of ours was out jogging very early morning listening to her phone when a car with a guy driving drew up alongside asking for directions, could she find this place on google maps. When she obliged he asked for a closer look, then grabbed the phone and drove off.


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Just a warning to all. I have heard about some groups trying to steal bikes from people on their rides. Story is that these thieves congregate at pinch points in recreation areas or on joint foot/cycle paths where the cyclist needs to slow to walking pace to negotiate an obstacle or dismount. Keep your wits about you everybody and if in doubt take another route.


One of our neighbours left his bike leaning on the wall by the front door, and a passer by nicked it. He gave chase, but no luck, pure chance theft.


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Its no surprise and general petty theft has been on the up in our area.

My bikes always live indoors and when out, they never leave my sight (or my hands for that matter). I have seen ads on facebook where sheds etc have been broken into and bikes stolen so be interesting how many stolen bikes are the ones that have been dusted down after many years, left nearby without locks, rather than the superbikes kept indoors.
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True, £20 a bag is the average price. A bike might be worth several £100's but they will sell it for the price of a bag of gear.:sad:
My first MTB was stolen and found out years later it was someone who I knew from school. It was worth quite a bit but he sold it for £50 so he could buy a bag. It felt worse knowing how much he gave it away for :sad:


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As an expat Australian my favourite fantasy is to plant a cluster of Gympie plants beneath the (street-facing) window of my shed and then listen to the screams of any would-be thief who tried to break in. A pretty little plant, Gympie. It grows in the rainforests up in Queensland. And the slightest touch of those pretty leaves will leave you howling in pain - for months. People have been known to beg to have their limbs amputated to get rid of the pain.

Just a thought....
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