The usual emphasis by the local rag


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To be fair, whenever I've seen any other incidents (cars, or whatever), it's pretty much the same.

They're not really anti-anything.

Had a guest lecture from someone at the paper (they were a little bit boring to be honest :o), but he said that as a paper they'd changed from a paper which fusses to a paper that spreads good news (as much as possible obviously). I think that he was being reasonably accurate though, as I've not seen any anti-cyclists, or anti-such group type articles like you do from some local rags.


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The local rag isn't 'anti-cycling' and thankfully there's not a lot of cycling injuries/deaths reported. But the 'delays to motorists' is the normal state of emphasis. When Zak Carr got killed cycling, there was much complaint about the 'delays to motorists' type-comments.. and not just from me.
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