The weather's about to turn ***t, so I'm upgrading my Boardman Road bike a bit

The weather forecast doesn't look so good for the weekend down here, so I'm going to upgrade the chainset on my 2014 Boardman Pro Carbon, to Ultegra 6700 (from FSA Gossamer Pro). I'm just wondering about the BB. The current BB is an FSA PF30, will I need a Shimano Hollowtech BB for the new chainset?
You will need an HT2 BB for the Ultegra chainset

Pricey but heard good things. There will be cheaper options though.
Good thinking there. Whilst I was on the Evans site I saw this as well.

I think I know what I'm doing this weekend now. I'll replace the current PF30 with the ceramic number, then adapt it, then pop the Ultegra chainset on. What could possibly go wrong :laugh:. It should keep me out of trouble anyway.:becool:


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I'd have thought that mudguards would be a more effective upgrade for the bad weather than a new chainset, but each to their own.
I think what the OP is saying is that they are a bit nesh, so won't be going out this weekend.
Remember the good old days when BB bearings were safely tucked inboard out of the line of fire of all the crap?
That's a slight reservation. I don't really need the advantage that comes with the increased size of the outboard bearing setup. I may just keep the Gossamer chainset, and change the BB for a ceramic PF30 and see how it goes. If I really can't live without a Hollowtech chainset, I'll sort that out when the weather improves.
I'm going to put in another 100 miles on the crosstrail this weekend ( like I did last weekend in the pissing down rain and cold). 'Nesh', my arse.


I think any BB other than a Press fit is a good option when it comes to the wet. My experience of them is short.......but it has been costly and reflects what other users say of them when it comes to riding in the wet.

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Remember the good old days when BB bearings were safely tucked inboard out of the line of fire of all the crap?
As they still are. There's only one way crap can get into the bearings and that's past the seals where the axle enters the cups. They are in the same position on all bottom brackets, in fact you could argue that outboard bearings are less vulnerable than conventional systems as they are further away from the spray off the front tyre.
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