The Well-Fed 100. Midhurst 112km 17 April


Lover of things that come in 3's
porkypete said:
Just thinking of that as alternative will give me all the motivation I need should I get close to a bonk.

Way way ahead of you there !

You up for Lymington (9 May) 100 / 160 / 200 ?
Or Winchester (20 Jun) 100 or 200?
Those are the next two i have a "hard" booking on.

The Sussex Corker (13 Jun) is a "possible" but 2000m mtrs of ascent in 107 km sort of reduces my motivation to fight too hard for that one!
Tempting but I do struggle to book well ahead sometimes as it can all get a bit last minute. I definitely have the IoW on my schedule and there's also the Northern night ride. I'm 'negotiating' on the possibility of taking a week and cycling up to York and home again....we shall see:ohmy:
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