The worst bit of your job?


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For almost 3 weeks now I've baby sitting software installs & updates which can't be automated. It's driving me nuts as I'm not actually doing that much but I can't really get on with anything else. So what's the bit of your job you most dislike?


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My customers and staff. Apart from that I like it.;)

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I grew to dislike the particular portion of the general public that I had to deal with so it's just as well I'm no longer in retail!

I won't let on which section of society I had to deal with:smile:


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My job's pretty good really. I like the commute in. I like the commute home. The bit in the middle is absolutely awful, but 2 out of 3 aint bad. ;)


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Sometimes finding used tampons mixed in with customers used food trays... or when they poo on the carpet (I kid you not). It can get around 34*C during the summer.. I could go on. ;)


The hours. Nine of them every day without sitting down (and six on Saturday), I'm completely whacked when I get home. Still, tomorrow is the last day:wahhey:, I hand control of my production unit over to someone else and start my new role which involves desk work, travel and training people, shorter hours and more money ;):biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It's silly little annoyances really. Unwashed out tins of things - or rather tins with an inch of old dog food to beans left in the bottom. Beer cans with off mouldy beer still in them, that tips down your sleeve as you put them in the bag. Boxes that seem really full of stuff when you pick them up, but it turns out to be half a tonne of soggy old carrier backs and cardboard, and the half paving slab they leave in it to stop it blowing about. Box juice running out of the drain hole down your leg.

Actually, all that is minor stuff. It's the grumpy people that are worst, the ones that blank you because you are obviously untouchable, or who complain because you won't take the stuff you've told them you don't take...

But the guys I work with make up for it.

In the other job, well, sometimes I'm forced to try out brand new bikes of all sorts. Such a drag....;)


That bit I get on every job whether a renovation or new build that lasts about a week where I think. "shoot, is this going to turn out right" and can't see the end in sight. Always keeps me awake at night.


Kirstie said:
Having a tyrannical boss
Not having any admin support for a very admin heavy role
The banal queries I have to deal with from the great unwashed

...that's about it!
Do you have to deal with Glasgow Rangers fans then???
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