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Not sure this in the right forum but thought I would share my cycle experiences over the last couple of weeks

Visiting family over Easter in Brazil I decided to try to keep my cycling up and so borrowed a BSO of a relative, put a bottle on it raised the saddle and replaced some broken spokes pumped up the tyres, sorted.


Plenty of tracks and dirt roads as well as some road riding through the coffee plantations. I think the locals were quite shocked to see a "gringo" flying around on a bike, it was commented on to my Brazilian wife by a number of people who had seen me. Thoroughly enjoyed though, only downside was hit in the face by a large flying beetle which hurt quite a lot, and the suspension forks hampered me more than assisted on the rough bits. Put in quite a few miles/kilometres.

On the way back had a day stop in Chicago so hired a bike to cycle along the shores of Lake Michigan, quite pleased to get a basic but very functional Trek. What a wonderful day. Chicago is very cycle orientated with loads of excellent cycle paths courteous motorists at crossings who insist on letting the bike go first, no close passes on the road and a real cycling community lots of roadies, fixed/ss and mtb and hybrid riders even saw an elderley lady on a recumbent. If anyone gets out there I would thoroughly recommend it.






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