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peejay78 said:
good job.

happy riding. we'll have you doing the one-handed trackstand pose before you can say "ileftmyfixedwheeloutsidebaritalia"
Well - it's arrived!!

took it out for a quick ride to bar-italia....

not really.

It came this morning first thing and I built it up when I went home at lunch time. Maybe needs a little play with handlebar height, seat layback etc, but good enough for me to take it back to work (a whole 1.3miles! - I finally admit that my 3.2litre 6-cylinder car isn't really the best tool for that massive commute!)

I rode it to work this afternoon on the 'singlespeed' side with freewheel as I wanted to see what the gearing was like (it's 42x16, 71") and it feels good!
It feels quite quick of the mark, but it takes a little more effort. I must use a lower gear normally starting off on my geared bike. it's very light too - which helps.

Annoyingly it is a great fit (size 54)

- when i first started cycling last september I was looking at Specialized Allez in size 54 (the langster and allez share the same frame dimensions) but was swayed by my lbs into a good deal on an 06 model Giant OCR3 - which I hated within about two months. It was also a 54 (well an 'M') but seemed to have a very short headtube and long reach. I changed the stem and bars etc, but ultimately I sold it in february as i hated it. I then bought a trek pilot which is the other way round - very high headtube which is comfy but I now find it a bit boring. so the annoying part is that if I had bought an allez to begin with it would probably have saved a lot of faffing around!
Uncle Phil said:
Well, mine's painted now, and I hope to be assembling it tonight. More news when I have it.
OK, it took a bit longer than I'd hoped, but (drum roll....)
Here it is:

Yellow, isn't she?
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