Thick question on 700*40C tubes


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got my new hydrid bike and want to get some spare tubes if ever the P word should occur.

There doesn't seem to be much about for tube sizes for that tyre.

Will a 700*28/42 tube be ok or will it be a tad small? I'm assuming the 28/42 is a range of widths?

Is there a better width tube to get.

Paul_L, 700 x 28/42 means that its a tube suitable 700mm diameter tyres with widths of between 28 and 42mm, you assume correctly; you'll be fine with those tubes :-)


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It does seem that tubes for hybrid sizes are few and far between. It's not that the manufacturers don't supply them, rather that the shops don't seem to stock them! I can only assume it's a demand thing, but then I'd thought we're way past hybrids being something of a niche market.

I've got 700x45c and, relatively speaking, struggled to get a replacement tube (caveat: I was only looking online) - they were 'special order' at a number of places. Got one off the shelf in the end though.

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