thieving b@stard scum


Probably a local shyte who the old bill know about, but you need to catch em red handed.

The car may well be a bit of organised crime, in that its a parts grab or going abroad..


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Sorry to hear this. We had our house broken into a long time ago. After the hurt and anger passed what I hated most was the fact that a stranger had been in my house while I was asleep and i hadn't known anything about it. Very scary indeed


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Sorry to hear. Never nice knowing that someone has been an uninvited visitor in your house, especially since you were in.

Wasn't an "Hanoi burglary" was it.


My sympathies @roadrash. I've been burgled a couple of times, and it's a horrible experience.


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Only been burgled once in this house... presumably an opportunist after the back door had been left unlocked over night. Seemed a bit odd, climbing over a 6' wall into the yard to try the door and only stealing a leather jacket and a bag full of worthless tat.


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Wasn't an "Hanoi burglary" was it.
Never heard of that before, had to Google,

@roadrash I know what you mean about the Grandchild, however this is going to look at it in a perverse way, they knew what they wanted, the only entered the house to take the car, they weren't interested in anything else or hurting anybody, they only took your wife's bag as it was just sat there (on the kitchen side?).

Not trying to defend them & I feel we are far too lenient in the UK, prison is too good for a lot of these people, but better than somebody coming into the house with a baseball bat on the off chance you have something worth stealing.


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bastards...… fekin bastards, I asked a neighbour to check his cctv, ...........its not good footage it was pouring down but at3.10 this morning three scrotes can be seen mooching about, at 3.15 another scrote runs towards our house just as my car is driven off the drive , jumps in and off they go.
fekin horrible to watch, I almost wish I hadn't seen it, I cant see the footage being any use though its very grainy due to the rain :cursing::cursing:
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