Things that have bothered you for a long time.


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Not too bad, someone outside of the train company has put some thought into that answer.
I suspect it was the programmer of the software. We would always ask "so what happens if ...?" usually to the annoyance of the marketeers
Japanese trains as well: electronics everywhere and privacy in the kludgie is basically a hook and a loop...
Brits have a history of vandalism against anything mechanical in a toilet. No idea why digital gubbins are usually safe, must be some weird primeval instinct ...
Things that bother me

People who walk across the top of a riding escalator - very close to it

They do this in the local Tesco - so basically people are being delivered to the top floor and if they go back then they could bump into the person behind them and chaos could happen - possibly resulting in injury
but some numpty decides to walk across the top without checking in any way if anyone if about to come off it

It has got better due to the pandemic - people are further apart - but before that I saw several near accidents!


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Why do spiders leap on my bikes and start spinning webs within seconds of putting them back in shed? Do they not realise the bike will be on the move again next day?
I took a spider on a 100 mile ride the other week. Well I presume I did, it was there at the end and it hadn't had an opportunity to hitch a ride except at the beginning.

Go see the world my son, his mother said to him and he ended back in a dusty garage in the shoot hole that is Leicester.
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